Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Fun Time Was Had By All

Well, tonight I took the kids to a local church and they had the time of their lives! There was a fun hay ride through the woods, a bon fire, free hot dots, chips and soda to begin with. Then there was a huge carnival inside the gym. Tons of games and waaaaaay too much candy :)

Micah decided that he would go not as a power ranger and not as Shrek....but as a Shrek power ranger. Interesting, no? Initially he wanted to go as a DEAD power ranger. I asked him why and he said that it was because his costume was old and ripped and so it looked like the power ranger had died..hehehe!

Alexis was a fairy godmother. She used an old princess dress, wings that she scored at a garage sale last month for 25 cents and a toy magic wand. She felt very beautiful :) Here's part of the Scooby Gang that was at the carnival.

Oddly enough, the pumpkin that Levi and Micah carved after he got home from school today was sprouting.

In other news, I got my Silhouette yesterday! I also got the November Design Team kit from The Little Scrap Shop, yea! The kit officially debuts at TOMORROW! So go check it out :)


mag said...

hey amy!!! i forgot to tell yout hat i stopped by yesterday. i think it's great to get this going. your'e kids look adorable- micah's comments are HYSTERICAL!!! and where did you get the mystery van????

AHadley said...

Hi Mag ;) Lol, I forgot to put that the Scooby Gang was at the carnival, that's not dh and I. They had the whole gang, but Daphne and Fred were busy at the time. :)