Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Day at a Time...

This LO shows all the things that have changed about my life since we moved here last month. One thing still stays the same, I have to take it one day at a time.

Here are some ATCs I made for a swap on

This is an altered journal I made this past week using some of the new 7 Gypsies rubons!

Published again!

Well, after a few months of not submitting anything for publication because I was so busy with my design team and moving, I finally submitted a Valentine's day card...and it will be getting published!
It's going to be in the Ready-Set-Create! Valentines' edition.

Several of the ladies on our DT got accepted to Ready-Set-Create! this time around, so we'll be taking over the place~ should be fun to get it when it comes out and see all the familiar names :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flat Butter, Diarrhea and Cracking Up

Lately Alexis has just been on a roll! A week or so ago, she made some toast for herself (she's 5) and I told her that I would let her butter it by herself. She was SO excited! I went into the dining room to eat my toast and drink my coffee and she comes in and says, "mommy, how do I get the butter flat?" I told her to use the knife, and she said that she did, but it wasn't flat. So I go in to see what she's talking about and see this...

On Thursday, I had MOPS and we made altered journals. I made mine for Alexis because she LOVES to draw and write in journals.

Well, she has shown me some of her masterpieces which include a hairy cat's ear (just the ear), A book about underwear, an angry pickle with a sword, and fairies with pizzas. She came running down the stairs yesterday and proclaimed, "Mommy, I decided that I'm going to call this my diarrhea instead of my journal."


"Honey, diarrhea is...well...poop. I think you mean 'diary' instead."

"Hehehehe! yeah, I mean a diary!"

And just now, we were talking about eye color. She asked how daddy got green eyes if papa had blue and nana had brown. I told her that another relative may have had green eyes, and she said, like his sister Julie? Julie is his step-sister (and doesn't even have green eyes, but she thought she did ) and so I tried to explain why she wasn't related biologically to daddy.

I talked about how Papa and nana used to be married, but then they got "un-married." She jumped right in and said, "Yeah, because they cracked up!" After I finished laughing my head off, I said, no they got a divorce and Alexis says, "But they cracked up, that's why they don't live together!" She meant "broke up" but "cracked up" was SOOOO much funnier! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'll be teaching!

I'm pretty excited! In February I'm going to start teaching classes at my local scrapbook store! I get to pick what my classes are on and when they will be and I get a portion of the class fees. The store will be providing materials and tools!

My first class will be on making floral embellishments using die cut and punched flowers, Stickles, jewels and pearls.
I also will be doing layout classes and kits, as well as cards later on.

hooray! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Congrats Winners!

Congrats to the winners of the December challenges at The Little Scrap Shop!!

Our Challenge #1 winner is Scrappin Makes Me Happy with her layout, ‘You Are 5′. Look at all that bling and sparkle! A beautiful page for a beautiful birthday memory

Our challenge #2 entry (card/sketch challenge) is sally_flower for her lovely Christmas card! The eyelets and felt snowflakes are the perfect addition to the great paper choice!
In addition, Sally_flower has been chosen by random to win the mystery gift for entering the December challenges! She’ll be receiving a beautiful 2 page layout donated by Anna Cammille Scrapbook Studio (watch out for their online debut in a couple months!). It features beautiful Prima crystals & flowers, copper foil paper and glittery embossed patterned paper, shimmery ribbons, and more!

And the January challenges are underway, and you DO NOT want to miss your chance to win the prizes! Cosmo Cricket was so over the top generous with us, the prize for that challenge is just crazy!

*PRIZE* for the 2nd challenge is a lovely stamp assortment, donated by Lea, who is a Stamping Up representative from South Australia! Use these stamps to get started scrapping those Christmas pictures from last month, or get an early start on some beautiful cards for the next holiday season! Those in Australia who are interested in Stamping Up products can visit Lea’s website at or email her at and for a limited time, receive 10% off your order, just by telling her you saw her here at the Little Scrap Shop blog!

Friday, January 11, 2008


Here's some pics of the main floor of our new home, 2nd floor and basement will have to wait till later :)

Monday, January 7, 2008

We're here!

Well, the move went really smoothly, and we're here in Kearney, NE!

We packed up the truck with the help of our awesome friends Lauren and Ryan (and Lexie!) Herman and the Pastor at the church I worked at and were on our way by Saturday afternoon. We stayed the night at about the halfway point and were on our way again by Sunday AM. We left Missouri in beautiful clear weather and didn't even wear coats for most of loading the truck. When we got to Kearney, there was a foot of snow! The kids were just thrilled :)

We absolutely LOVE our new house! It's just perfect. Pics of that to come. Micah will be starting his new 1st grade class tomorrow morning, his teacher's name is Mrs. Powell. Alexis will be staying home this semester with me as we didn't want to stick her in preschool here mid year. She'll be in kindergartenn in the fall.

Some not so great news, we won't be getting internet at our house, so that's one reason I haven't updated this sooner. So you won't see as much of me, but leave comments and I'll get back with you!