Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flat Butter, Diarrhea and Cracking Up

Lately Alexis has just been on a roll! A week or so ago, she made some toast for herself (she's 5) and I told her that I would let her butter it by herself. She was SO excited! I went into the dining room to eat my toast and drink my coffee and she comes in and says, "mommy, how do I get the butter flat?" I told her to use the knife, and she said that she did, but it wasn't flat. So I go in to see what she's talking about and see this...

On Thursday, I had MOPS and we made altered journals. I made mine for Alexis because she LOVES to draw and write in journals.

Well, she has shown me some of her masterpieces which include a hairy cat's ear (just the ear), A book about underwear, an angry pickle with a sword, and fairies with pizzas. She came running down the stairs yesterday and proclaimed, "Mommy, I decided that I'm going to call this my diarrhea instead of my journal."


"Honey, diarrhea is...well...poop. I think you mean 'diary' instead."

"Hehehehe! yeah, I mean a diary!"

And just now, we were talking about eye color. She asked how daddy got green eyes if papa had blue and nana had brown. I told her that another relative may have had green eyes, and she said, like his sister Julie? Julie is his step-sister (and doesn't even have green eyes, but she thought she did ) and so I tried to explain why she wasn't related biologically to daddy.

I talked about how Papa and nana used to be married, but then they got "un-married." She jumped right in and said, "Yeah, because they cracked up!" After I finished laughing my head off, I said, no they got a divorce and Alexis says, "But they cracked up, that's why they don't live together!" She meant "broke up" but "cracked up" was SOOOO much funnier! :)


Tara said...

Thats one of my favorite things...the way kids mispronouce and misuse words. Tricia (shes 8) has pretty much learned how to say everything properly but she still says "exposed to" instead of "supposed to". I cant bring myself to correct her because its the last little kid thing she says!

Alexandria Diane said...

Diarrhea. Hahahahaha. Good times. Gee that makes me miss those kids!

linda said...

she is the cutest!!! love these stories of your dd!! :)