Monday, January 7, 2008

We're here!

Well, the move went really smoothly, and we're here in Kearney, NE!

We packed up the truck with the help of our awesome friends Lauren and Ryan (and Lexie!) Herman and the Pastor at the church I worked at and were on our way by Saturday afternoon. We stayed the night at about the halfway point and were on our way again by Sunday AM. We left Missouri in beautiful clear weather and didn't even wear coats for most of loading the truck. When we got to Kearney, there was a foot of snow! The kids were just thrilled :)

We absolutely LOVE our new house! It's just perfect. Pics of that to come. Micah will be starting his new 1st grade class tomorrow morning, his teacher's name is Mrs. Powell. Alexis will be staying home this semester with me as we didn't want to stick her in preschool here mid year. She'll be in kindergartenn in the fall.

Some not so great news, we won't be getting internet at our house, so that's one reason I haven't updated this sooner. So you won't see as much of me, but leave comments and I'll get back with you!

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Laura said...

Welcome back to Nebraska!!! We're so glad to have you back. :) Hopefully I'll be out that way soon and be able to drop by your new house. :) -L