Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I'm pretty much a huge sucker for candles. I love how they smell when you burn them, and I especially like to use certain candles for the seasons. I just like coming to a house that has candles burning, it just makes you feel relaxed and comfy.

I went to Kohls today and got a candle that I'd been wanting for $5.00. They're normally $10, but it was on sale, wooo hoo! If any of you have a Kohl's store and looooove candles, check out their Holiday Memories line. They are the BEST candles! They're soy candles, so they burn forever and ever and they're very clean burning. Their scents are very appealing and strong when burned. They're also good sized jar candles, so when the candles are 50% off, they're cheaper than Walmart candles which are SO not as good.

My fav scent is White Christmas which is a blend of cinnamon, mint and chocolate.
Now it feels like fall...I love candles!!! :D

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