Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Library is Closed for Ballet

Last weekend Levi and I ended up cleaning up Alexis' room because she was being a wild animal and decided she was just too "tired" and "sore" to do it herself. Well, we took her toys and put them all in an extra closet in our room for the week as punishmet, so all she was left with was her books and a table and chair in the play room. The play room is a huge walk in closet connected to her room. It's got built in shelves and it's a great play room because it's quite large. Earlier this week I noticed that she was spending hours in her room playing "library." She had taken all the Childcraft books and put them in the shelves in the playroom and she also took all the fall and Thanksgiving books off her shelf in her room and placed them in the playroom. Why? Because that's what librarians do. So she set up a library and took her stuffed dog to pick out books.

This morning, I caught her writing on a note taped to her door. She doesn't really write much yet, so she was just scribbling while she talked.

"The library is closed today. The lady who owns the library is teaching kids ballet. If you like ballet, please come to the library. But the library is not open. Unless you like ballet."